Saturday, 12 March 2011

Crochet for the masses?

Anybody else feeling that it is more confusing than ever as to when something is homemade and handcrafted and when it is actually mass produced for the high street?

Take the crochet loveliness currently in store at the great British institution Marks and Spencer.
3D Knit Flower Rug £225 from MarksandSpencer
Square Floral Pouff £139 from MarksandSpencer

Lets hope those who hooked all those beautiful flowers received a fair wage eh?

For my own pleasure I feel my must attempt a crochet puff flower. There is a super duper tutorial for a 6 petal puff stitch flower on the lovely EasyMakesMeHappy blog.

Tutorial on EasyMakesMeHappy Blog
Thank you Tara. Don't miss Tara's Mamachee crochet patterns on Etsy for just the best lamb bonnet and owl hat.

1 comment:

  1. wow those prices.....actually dont like to see the big companies jumping on the handmade bandwagon....makes it less fun somehow.



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