Friday, 11 March 2011

Selvedge Spring Fair

Selvedge is just the most amazing publication. I fear that because  I am a latecomer (or perhaps more a leery gatecrasher) to the world of textile crafts it is out of my league. Something for the real professionals.
However, the serenity and downright wonderfulness of a course I've been doing here  for the last few months put me in rather a chipper mood this afternoon and so on my way back through the wonderful North Laines of Brighton to my car I bought my first copy.

The temptation to attend the Selvedge Spring Fair is now strong.
And look who's exhibiting. Yeah congratulations to my favourite crocheteer and curator supreme of images and colour palettes - Emma Lamb. Emma has some amazing new "ladies" and the freshest of spring garlands all ready for the event. They look fab- see the close ups for yourself on Emma's blog.

Emma Lamb
Emma's in great company with exhibitors of some stunning work. I think three of the stalls I'd need to oggle right away would be these three:

Holy-Smoke, Becky Adams , I Love Spoon
See you there?
And mine's a slice of coffee and walnut.Ta.

Ps. word to the wise...check the Selvedge Blog for chances to win prizes from some of the exhibitors.

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