Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Blooming marvellous

It's been a while but good to be back. I think the last couple of months have thrown us what some might affectionately call "one of life's curveballs". But things are looking rosier now.......quite literally. 
Maybe its my refound sense of optimism but I've been compelled to raid my vintage barkcloth pile for some of its blooming lovelies and fill the shop with rosy lamp shades.

 Folly&Glee appears to have become a bit of a refuge for lost lamps. Cast aside because of old or faulty wiring I've discovered that with a bit of love, care, rewiring  and a Portable Appliance Test by a qualified electrician (!) old lamps can be made good as new. Better than new actually for many of the designs and materials are far superior to anything you can get on the high street today. Take these three super cute bedside lamps.

I'd guess they are all 1960s and were rescued from the recycling in a sorry state.
They thought their light had gone out for good. But now look at them shine with their fancy new shades. There is hope for us all yet.

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  1. A portable appliance test? Did you have to get an electrician to do that for you? How I would love to save my old lampshades from just looking pretty to actually working. Do you have time to give any more info?



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