Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Arrival of Gladys (or chair wars)

 Once upon a time many moons ago on a grey Saturday afternoon in a hot and frankly overcrowded village jumble sale I happened upon a little white glass cup with orange and pink flowers. Well my pretty you are coming home with me I said (hopefully not outloud!) and I handed over 20p. I was happy with my purchase because being white glass pyrex it reminded me of the wonderful Fireking collections I kept seeing in the homes of US bloggers. 

 For many weeks I thought it was a lone item. Unmarked I knew nothing of its French heritage. Until that is, sulking after a lengthy dental appointment I wandered into an unknown charity shop and I spied 3 more cups and a bowl. The bowl was marked Arcopal....and then the hunt was on.

My boys were instructed only to make coffee's and teas in the "white stuff" because it just tastes better. Friends and neighbours watched agast as the collection grew. Some mocked the lowly origins of the mugs as a free give away with Mobil petrol. Others declared a passing nostalgic affection as they remembered their mums and nans having some way back then.

But I still though that I was alone with my obcession.....
until a fellow Arcopal lover SimoneRetro asked me to join an Arcopal Flickr group no less.
 Oh my. I could never have imagined that there were so many fabulous patterns. 
 Arcopal truly was something to be celebrated.

And then one day oggling over the latest fab dabby dozy creation from the crochet Queen of the North -Emma Lamb- I saw that Emma too had fallen under Arcopal's spell.
Emma Lamb's thrifty ditsy jug
 One thing led to another and Emma and I did a deal. The outcome of which is more lovely that I could have dreamt. Gladys has come to live with us. 

Being greedy and impatient I ripped her out of her beatifully packaged packaging before taking any pictures of the lovely papers and twine. But oh - the plumptiousness of the wool and the attention to detail is so perfect. 

 Look at the little label and the hand embroidered tag.

 I am pleased to report that Gladys received a very warm reception from all. If I'm honest a little too warm. Stern words have stopped furry big and furry small from wiping their beards, sitting on etc. I have had less luck in resolving what might best be described as chair wars!
 Where does she look best? 
 On the tulip Saarinen chair in the kitchen? 

 On the Ercol in the lobby? 

 Or in the funny pink factory chair in my workroom?

Please will you let me know your thoughts. 
Gladys deserves to stay put and make herself comfy. Thank you Emma.



  1. Gladys should be right were you are most of the time!
    I am such a big fan of Emma's work..
    I do have one of her sweet charms that is right at my work station..
    Nice purchase!!!

  2. Oh sweet Polly, thank you so much for all your kind words... I am so thrilled Miss Gladys has found such a perfect home with you! I have to say I think she looks entirely at home on your lovely Ercol chair and I am pleased to see she has found herself a friend in your adorable wee doe... :)

    I promise I will care and love my Arcopal forever... and my Man (who has a bad track record with breaking things in the kitchen!) is under strict instructions to only handle it with my permission and preferably only when I'm present... ;) Oh and my fesh mint tea has never tasted so good as it does out of a wee Arcopal cup!

    I couldn't be happier with our wee 'deal', thank you my dear friend,
    Emma, x



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