Saturday, 29 October 2011

Polish Stars or Porcupines

I have fallen in love with these super cool paper ornaments all over again this morning after seeing some in the new Elle Decor.
They have a great mid-century 50s vibe and seem to work with all kinds of papers and colours.
 I first remember seeing them over on How About Orange last Christmas but as you know with my old procrastinatory ways never got around to trying them.
The good news is the tutorial is still up on Jessica's inspirational blog and they really don't look too hard. Do they?
Tutorial on HowAboutOrange

 If you prefer to watch a video there do seem to be a few out there - just google polish stars or porcupine balls.

I just love all the different ways you can use them. 
Kissadesign on
I think as a tree topper is my favourite. 
Kissadesign on
 But look at these mini ones as place card holders - stunning.
Magnet from KissaDesign on Etsy

Or how about on a magnet to display those Christmas cards - cool.
 Those clever girls over at the gorgeous mid century mod haven Winter's Moon have come up trumps and will very shortly have ready made ornaments on sale that they have had commercially made up from an old 50s pattern.  Its looks like there are going to be some recycled news paper stars as well as some bold brights.
Winters Moon Blog
 I'm not sure how much they are but its very tempting to bag a few and style into a wreath.
Winters Moon Blog

Oh decisions, decisions.

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