Monday, 3 October 2011

Neon Pink Wire Ghost Lampshades

So very pleased to announce that FollyandGlee is now stocking our very own line of wire ghost lamp shades and ceiling pendants.


It's taken a while but we were determined to be able to offer ghost shades in authentic vintage shapes that will fit both the new standard European fittings ie a 45mm lampholder as well as the old UK 28mm lampholders.

I've had plenty of time whilst we'be been designing and commissioning to get inspired by other "ghost" frames out there.

Perhaps the most striking and enormously popular with those super stylish Scandanavians are the unadorned lamp frames. Beautifully shaped armatures left in their natural wire state for an industrial vibe or powdercoated for a pop of colour. 
1. The Emperors New Lamp from DesignDessert 2. Inspirational project from Inthefunlane 3.Unknown - anybody recognise? 4. Pendant cage lamp from Wisteria 5. DesignDessert as before  6. Hung as pretty ceiling mobiles by ?  7.PBteen 8. Industrial wire lighting at Hudsonsgoods 9. so pretty but sorry can't find image reference - anyone?

Such a great structure in there own right but oh is so tempting to adorn them with a few treasures. And of course you can change your display from time to time....perhaps with the seasons or simply as the mood takes you.
1. Blackbirds and Bumblebees added photos with wooden pegs 2.Follow the tutorial for a bejewelled shade from Mood Swing Studio on Inspired Ideas blog  3. The amazing Sania Pell hand cut and embossed silver leaves from metal craft sheeting and wired them to the bottom of the frame 3, Add some drama with black feathers like NordicBliss 4. Sassycrafter added vintage keys 5. Love the deep fabulous fringing via DesiretoInspire

Bird cage lamp at GrahamandGreen

Why stop there eh? Being such a lover of fabric it's hard to resist yet another option - wrapping your ghost frame in fabric and hanging the odd ribbon garland? Take care here. If you are going to hang your shade as a decorative mobile only you can really go to town with the amount of embellishment you add. Please if you are going to light your shade or pendant do take care to placedecorations away from direct heat and ideally treat them with a fire retardant fabric spray.

Liberty fabric wrapped on Decor8

1.Yarning made the most beautiful Christmas mobile from her lamp frame 2. Quirky and whimsical from HenryRoad  3. Holly at Decor8 shows just how the Liberty wrapped mobile was done  4. Wrapping with fabric tightly and then sealing can be a great alternative to stripping and painting shown here by Linnea 5. Dottie Angel goes to town with the bestest fabrics scaps 6. scoot over to EmmasDesign Blog for inspiration in the form of white linen strips 7. Dottie Angel's "hangy me jig" complete with kitetails 8.  Sania Pells lampstand from the Liberty Chic Mook 9. Decor8 as before

There are just a handful of two extra large ghost shades in a fabulous neon pink in the shop right now. One is a scalloped bell shape, the other more tulip shaped. 

We love the fact that these are big but we will be offering several colours very soon plus alternative sizes and shapes. 
The pink ghost shades are photographed with our fabulous ceramic lampholders with a groovy  pink flex also available in the shop. Of course you don't have the hang them as ceiling pendants - we love them fitted as a standard lamp  or  even balanced alone as a table lamp. 

What will you do?

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  1. I love these lamp shades. Very pretty indeed. Did you design these yourself? How exciting!



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