Friday, 28 October 2011

Polly the Procrastinator

I think I have developed something nasty.
It's called procrastination.

Chaos of the daily orders at FollyandGlee
Reaching for one of my old Psychology textbooks Procrastination has been defined as "to voluntarily delay an intended course of action despite expecting to be worse off for the delay."[Steel 2007]. Procrastination may result in stress, a sense of guilt and crisis, severe loss of personal productivity, as well as social disapproval for not meeting responsibilities or commitments. These feelings combined may promote further procrastination.

Ummm. Sounds horrid eh?

My symptoms are a feeling of being overwhelmingly busy with important paying for the family food bill type stuff and family commitments (yea that's understandable). Throw in a never ending stream of ideas/things/finds I'd love to blog about. ( got ideas - so what's the problem?)
Well in my downtime moments when I should just get on and post I increasingly dither and dally. I fret about the light not being good enough for photos. That its too early to post cos an items not ready. Or too late because I've read about it elsewhere. I wittle that it would be better as a facebook update, or a Pinterest know the feeling? Or do you?

I know that blogging makes me feel good. I know how much I LOVE other bloggers posts. So no more readers. Polly the Procrastinator can hibernate if she wants but I promise to up the posting. Comments of encouragement much appreciated! And to anyone whose left me a nice message already to which I've not replied. I'm sorry.

In true procrastinator style I can't pick a favourite  for this Fridays Fabulous Fabric Feature, But the new me  is going to post some contenders anyway.

First up is Liona because those big brazen russet and orange blooms reminded me of a lions mane.
Liona Vintage Fabric
Next up would be this gorgeous really seriously old perhaps 1920s? vintage nursery  barkcloth I've called Baby Toucan because it features....yep you've guessed it kind of toucanish looking birds in fab colours.
Baby Toucan vintage barkcloth

Yes there are lampshades made of both fabrics in the shop.
Cripes I think I might have just swapped procrastination for shameless plugging. Anyone got a definition for that?


  1. I love your vintage cloth! - Procrastination? I had meant to look up the definition for that, but something was always more pressing...hahahaha!

  2. I'd say sod it and do it as and when you feel the urge or the need. I really enjoy blogging as it gives my creativity a focus somehow, I love the writing, taking pictures and making the story around it, but sometimes I've got nothing to say or show. Sometimes life is just too mental to even blog, but I do miss my fix if I don't get a weekly post in - never thought I'd think that as thought it was odd before I joined in. There is also the bit that you need to keep plugging away at what you're doing and making to get people interested, but that's kind of part of it all really. I like what you post about and your fabrics are enviable, I'm just too knackered half the time I sit down here to write anything as coherent as this sounds, so apologies for stopping by before.




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